SCHOHARIE — The Schharie Economic Enterprise Corp. (SEEC) is proud to kick off its Enlighten: Digital Marketing Series with a digital showcase, featuring local businesses that are participating in the Direct to Business Digital Marketing Grant program. SEEC invites the public to a panel discussion (virtual and in-person) at 4:30 pm Sept. 21, which will be followed by an in-person networking event from 5:30-7:00 pm hosted at 287 Main in Schoharie. The panel includes representatives from: Lisa Tenneson, Owner of Four Star Realty Group; Doug Guevara, Owner of Walt Whitman Books; Andrew Rowles, Owner of Hop House Farm.

The panelists will share their insights and experiences expanding their digital presence and efforts through the D2B Digital Marketing Grant Program, as well as the impacts of those expanded efforts. The participants of the D2B Programs utilized tools such as websites, e-commerce, social media, and more, to enhance their online reach and compete in a modern economy where a digital presence is essential. The panel offers participants the opportunity to ask real businesses about their reasons for expanding their digital tools and presence, what they have learned from this experience, how it has made their businesses more resilient, and the impacts their digital improvements have had on their business. Attendees are encouraged to bring questions, ambition, and their business cards.

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