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How will business planning evolve in 2023? Will we see more digital tools and alternative forms of work? Given that 2023 is upon the business community and while a crystal ball would be ideal for compiling data for future planning, a more considered approach is the one likely to pay dividends.

Mike Fitzmaurice of WEBCON has provided DigitalJournal with an expert alternative to guess work by opting for some grounded predictions.

Fitzmaurice is the company’s chief evangelist, and his key predictions are:

Application Factories are going to be essential

The demand we saw during 2020 for digitalization and new applications seems to be here to stay, at least through 2023. Needing applications on a massive scale = factories, not art studios.

The implementation of “application factories” means optimization of processes and the ability to better hit compliance standards across the board.

The end of Citizen Development

With a global recession either here or looming (depending on who you talk to) making employees with regular day jobs spend extra time building their own automation solutions is a dubious value.

Asking every citizen to become not just a developer, but an IT manager – because they’ll have to curate those applications – is too much to ask. Instead, consider making the problem owner part of the solution designer.

Time for Low-code to Grow Up

Which leads us to our next prediction. Citizen developers tend to be the main user of an application, meaning they understand the problems better than any professional developer might. But as mentioned above this doesn’t make fiscal sense during tight times.

Instead, application creation will become a combined effort with citizen developers working with IT teams in a “unite and conquer” format to design, articulate, and manage application changes. Teamwork and effective communication between these teams will elevate the applications, saving time and human resources.

The primary ‘thought line’ for these predictions is based around time-saving efficiency measures, ways of streamlining processes to create better and more effective applications and ensuring the best workflow and compliance possible.