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Discover & Recruit

Today’s household name brands have a diverse creator sourcing strategy – GRIN’s best-in-class web extension, creator-focused landing pages, and simple tools to import your roster help you find quality partnerships faster.

Screenshot of how creator outreach works in GRIN platform

Relationship Management

GRIN is a fully functional relationship management system that allows you to build connections and streamline workflows on one platform. From integrated email, to product selections, campaign details and more, GRIN lets you build long-term partnerships with your influencers and manage them at scale.

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Influencer Payments

Whether you are paying influencers or sending product, GRIN has you covered. Create affiliate links and discount codes, track and keep records of all payments, products sent and content created in one place. Hop into our reporting dashboards and check out your revenue generation per influencer or per campaign and see real ROI.

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Content Management

Never chase after content again. Check out content the second it posts, get performance metrics in realtime and make quick data-driven decisions that yield returns. We make it easy to find, track and repurpose all of your content across all your social channels in our media library.

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Product Seed

No other platform is built for ecommerce brands like GRIN. With integrations to all the major ecom shops you can sync inventory, allow influencers to personally select the products they want to promote, fulfill, ship and track products without ever leaving GRIN.

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Reporting & Analytics

GRIN is the #1 data-driven software solutions for influencer marketing. Our custom reporting dashboards give you full transparency on what’s working inside your program. Measure your spend, revenue, post performance and even individual influencer performance to report on real ROI.