KUALA LUMPUR. Malaysia (AP) — New Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim said Friday he will also serve as finance minister as he unveiled a leaner Cabinet with many new faces in his unity government.

In a move that appeared to contradict his anti-corruption platform, Anwar named the graft-tainted head of a smaller bloc as one of his two deputies.

Malaysian politics took an unprecedented turn after a Nov. 19 general elections failed to produce an outright winner. Anwar’s Alliance of Hope led with 82 seats but fell short of the 112 needed for a majority, while an Islamic nationalist bloc won a surprising 73 seats.

Malaysia’s king. who appointed the lawmaker he believes has majority support as prime minister, later named Anwar as the country’s 10th leader, ending days of uncertainty.

Anwar, 75, later won the backing of his traditional rival, the National Front, and a bloc from two states on Borneo island to secure a majority. He was sworn in a week ago.