With so much talk regarding investing, taxes, the housing crisis and increased inflation, it might be a tad bit tough to keep up with everything that’s going on, let alone understand it.

Well, McGill University is offering a free finance course that will provide you with skills from budgeting, saving, debt, and borrowing all the way to the realities of real estate and behavioral finance.

The online course, titled McGill Personal Finance Essentials, is in collaboration with RBC Future Launch and The Globe and Mail. You’ll be able to learn from some of McGill’s top professors and researchers as you navigate through eight modules, all of which will allow you to gain real-life knowledge in order to make a lifetime of financially savvy decisions.


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The course is totally free and open to everyone. You’ll also be able to learn at your own pace as all learning modules and tests are online and can be completed whenever (and wherever) is best for you.

The first few modules will introduce you to the topic of personal finance, reaching your financial goals and getting tips to make budgeting simple, painless and effective.

As you dive deeper into the course, you will learn the ins and outs of compounding, discounting, credit sources, how credit scores work and some of the “cardinal rules for smart borrowing.”

Registration is currently open for fall 2022, with winter 2022 and spring and summer 2023 sessions to come. Upon completion of all eight modules, you will receive an attestation of course completion. However, it’s important to note that the course is non-credit and non-transcript and does not count toward any McGill University program, degree, diploma or certificate.

With financial literacy being key and all that jazz, McGill’s course might be the ideal introduction to achieving your life goals.

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