Meghan Edmonds Seemingly Calls Out Jim Edmonds' Fourth Wife For Sharing Pictures Of Their Children During The Holidays

Meghan Edmonds Seemingly Calls Out Jim Edmonds’ Fourth Wife For Sharing Pictures Of Their Children During The Holidays

Have you heard about the new Karen-for-hire business? They offer Twitter rebellion, complaint letters, and “super villainy.” I have a theory they based their business plan off Tamra Judge and Meghan King’s slick takedown of Vicki Gunvalson over the course of three Real Housewives of Orange County seasons. Whatever you want to say about Meg now that she’s off the show, I still believe she’s the original Bravo Karen we all needed and deserved.

Since her time on the show, Meghan made her way through a divorce, a new marriage, and yet another divorce. Over the holidays, she took to social media to share her most recent co-parenting drama with anyone who cares. As someone deeply invested in Bravo-herstory, that includes me.

Meghan used her Instagram Stories to seem to complain about her ex-husband, Jimmy Edmondsand his new wife Kortnie O’Connor. Initially, Meghan posted a story that read, “When you share kids on holidays, you make up your own Christmas Day! It’s the 26th but it’s our Christmas morning!” Hours later, she followed it up with a longer statement on the family court system overall, per Reality Blurbs!

“There’s so much more to this story that I’m not choosing to share. Keeping this high level to promote awareness that the family court system is failing the single parent (typically the person in my place is the single mother who makes less money but has more custody,)” Meghan said. “Other people being jerked around by the family law system, this one is for YOU and YOU and YOU.”

Meghan shares three children with Jim. their daughter Aspen (6), and twin sons Hayes and Hart (4). Apparently, Meghan doesn’t feel that her three kids are being respected by everyone surrounding them for the holidays. “I won’t shut up until I believe my children are respected and safe, and so is their mother,” she wrote.

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“Mothers in this situation are unable to focus on mothering [because] of this nonsense. IT NEEDS TO END. No one stands up for the most important person in their life: arguably their mother. If I don’t fight, who will?”

Meghan clarified that her comments were made in regard to photos of her children being taken and publicly shared on the internet. “I’m talking about exercising my ability to control who, what, and how my children are posted on the internet,” she continued. “No one but immediate family has my permission, NO ONE! Not any of my nannies, sitters, friends, schools, or camps have permission. If my co-parent disagrees, I have the legal right to make the tie-breaking decision,” Meghan added.

Meghan’s posts came only hours after Kortnie shared a slideshow of family photos that included Aspen, Hayesand Hart.

Meghan even included a poll in one of her Instagram posts. It showed that 97 percent of her followers agreed that she should have control over who could share images of her children publicly. What do you think?


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