Nathan comes to the aid of Elizabeth Albert in Season 3, Episode 2, a women’s clothing boutique looking to increase its number of daily customers. Nathan doesn’t know a lot about women’s clothing, so at first, there’s some doubt as to what insight he can possibly offer this store, but he then figures that a man’s point of view is just what the store needs.

He suggests to the owner that there be a section of the store designated as the “man zone,” where men can go to hang out while they wait for their female partners to finish shopping. According to Nathan, men hate having to go shopping with their girlfriends. It’s like purgatory for them. Nathan doesn’t have a girlfriend himself, so he’s not speaking from personal experience, but he overheard others complaining about it. There has to be a better way, and the man zone is it.

At first, as men start filling in, things are a bit rocky. However, this is only because Nathan is having a hard time relating to them. Once he figures out that all the guys need to bond over is sports and beer, they start to really click, and everyone has a good time. Unfortunately for the guys, the owner was put off by the beer and asked Nathan to shut the whole thing down. It was working for a while though, and that’s really the big takeaway here.