Social media is now an amazing opportunity for any brand or business to market its products and services online for free. Everyone is on social media, and right now is the best time to start promoting your business through the use of various social media platforms. If you are a jeweller or perhaps have a handmade jewellery business, you should be promoting yourself on social media platforms. People want to see exactly what it is they are buying through your content, and they also want to see their favourite influencers wearing your jewellery too to know if it is worth buying.

There are many benefits to social media marketing for your business, and here are just a few you should take into consideration:

Builds Your Brand

If you are wanting to create a specific brand image for your products, social media is a great way to influence your audience and also project your whole brand ethos online. For example, if you are a luxury jewellery brand and you specialise in luxury jewellery such as vintage sapphire rings, you would ideally want to present your brand as being high-end, modern, and rich. Your social media should reflect your brand, so whilst you should post frequently, your content would ideally be the best quality professional images, and also the captions should include elegant writing styles. If your brand is not clear to the audience, it makes your specific target audience hard to target and optimise targeting with content use.

Engages Audience

Speaking of the audience, social media is a great way to reach your desired customers online. All social media platforms allow social media markets to track exactly what audiences they are reaching with their content. It gives businesses demographic information such as location, gender, and interests for what their content users engage with. If you begin to optimise your social media content to target these audiences, you will find that you have better conversation rates of people visiting your website and purchasing products from your social media links. You can target your audience for free in the beginning, and you can also for sponsored posts that create more engagement from a wider audience for better content coverage.

Instant Audience Feedback

One of the valuable aspects of social media is the instant feedback you can receive from customers. If you get your social media pages a bit more established, you will find that some posts gather more engagement from others, and your audience can even message you directly with their thoughts and feedback. Direct feedback is valuable to know in terms of how you can improve your strategies daily. For example, if your post of an art deco engagement ring gets more attention than a sapphire ring post, it might mean that there is more of a demand for that jewellery style which you should create more content on. You should always play around with new content, and learn from content people engage with or content that gets no traction.


Social media marketing is an amazing free tool that you can use to optimise your content. If you have already been testing out social media marketing for a while and have not found much success, you should always get a second opinion from a different creative perspective. Also, paid options are always valuable if you have the budget. Overall you should test the waters of all different platforms and strategies as the trends will constantly be changing and your business should adapt to the ever-changing markets.